The Project

The lead partner for this project is Bucks New University and supported by seven European partners.

ENSEC has been designed with the aim to support the development and the implementation of an innovative practice, a new training path for the environment security, expecting the followings results:

  • increase innovation, improve capacity, and support development of partners’ postgraduate programme on green growth and urban development
  • improve compliance, support policy development, and build capacity, towards achieving resilient, low carbon economies that meet global climate change targets, in line with the commitments made under the Paris Agreement
  • increase awareness among decision makers and the public including its impact on security, transparency, and governance, and support efforts to improve governance structures helping to tackle corruption and improve accountability
  • improve protection for endangered species and/or improve countries’ legislative frameworks to help reduce or eradicate the trade.


Meet the Team

Florin Ioras

ENSEC Project Coordinator

Bucks New University, UK

MARCO Vieira

ACIF-CCIM, Portugal


Maria Paz Arraiza

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Projects Abroad, UK


Ioan Vasile Abrudan

Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania 

Ricardo Tavío

EVM, Spain


Eduardo Marques

Universidade da Madeira, Portugal

Henn Korjus

EMO, Estonia